Thursday, 2 March 2017

life, week 8

Enjoying a bit of sun and rest whilst the sick toddler naps.

The new to us table - borrowed from my parents - is a very welcome addition to our living room. It's actually the first time we have a proper coffee table; so far we have used a couple of old, wooden stools and vintage nesting tables. I see now that a bigger table has other uses that the group of small tables don't have.

confetti on the school steps // hver dag er en fest // hverdagsfest

Still under the weather. Grandma to the rescue and then a bit of Timmy Time ("baaa") during witching hour. Mamma is happy for the switch from Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.

So happy to run off a tiny bit of the cabin fever. Not at all interested in getting in the car to pick up Sara from kindergarten. I'm so glad he likes to be outdoors. 

I got spoilt with flowers. Again.

9 pm bedtime #exhausted

winter break west coast style

A little road trip tip from me to you: I always have a roll of plastic bread bags in the glove compartment of the car, because somehow we always manage to produce heaps of garbage during a road trip. 

the best of friends // the most beautiful house

This makes my heart explode. And it makes me contemplate when is the best time to get a dog pal for our dog loving little boy. 

freshly planted // he just couldn't wait any longer // I love that my husband loves gardening 

Sure not very pretty, with the flash and all, but oh so yummy. Roasted vegetables (always a winner), mushroom garlic avocado "sauce" and hotdogs from Grøstad - one with Provence spices and one with Italian spices. 

- - -

Week 8: February 20-26


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  1. Lovely photos. We waited until our youngest (twins) were 5 until we got a dog. They had loved my friend's dog since they were two (cheap birthday parties when Tess the dog came as the guest of honour) and were so excited when they came home from school to find the note on the front door, 'come in quietly to meet your new friend'. My kids adore our dog.



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