Friday, 17 February 2017

things I like lately

Sunday morning at the mountain cabin

- finally being back at the mountain cabin (I'll share some photos next week)
- watching the full moon rise and light up the mountains
- seeing how much Sverre enjoyed being at the cabin
- egg and bacon for Sunday breakfast - always a winner
- a big bouquet of red carnations from Sølve for mother's day on Sunday
- the blooming forsythia branches that my mother-in-law brought from their garden
- Sølve's pasta bolognese and movie (Fire with fire - I didn't bother to finish it) on a Thursday night
- season seven of Modern Family on Netflix
- sub-zero temperatures
- biking to work
- Reading Danny, the Champion of the World for Sara
- Greek yoghurt with granola (I made a fresh batch this week) and a drizzle of honey
- project I quit sweet treats is still going strong - glad I didn't quit honey and jam though
- DKS Selfies

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- realising how much I need to study for my Norse and history of the Norwegian language exam

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