Monday, 27 February 2017

life, week 6

afternoon bike seat view // the official I started biking to work week 

A modest celebration of the Sami National Day at Kannik skole.

The biking is on! I finally faced my irrational fear and biked with the trailer for the first time - and it was fine, of course. Now I'm hoping it will be a habit; biking as a family to kindergarten and work. I'm sure it won't be as idyllic as I hope, but it will give us a little extra time together - outside - in the busy weekdays.

7:50 am bike seat view // freezing cold but happy to be outside

The 5 pm view from where I parked my bike. Oh happy brighter days!

The view from where I recover from the stomach flu. At least I got to catch up on my sleep.

Thankful for my mother who helped out with the kids when I was down with the stomach flu - unfortunately she got sick too, damn stomach flu!

Second snow of the season. Not even one centimeter but enough to make a five year old pretty excited.

- - -

Week 6: February 6-12

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