Thursday, 9 February 2017

life, week 5

Happy to see shadows after rainy days.

Guilty pleasure whilst at Norse lectures: white bread with cheese on top plus ham and cheese inside. 

Five years old; loves facepaint and the feline family.

morning ritual

"It's a gift for you, mamma."
Not yet tired of beading. 

fri // musikken!

When your feverish toddler has kept you up most of the night you put on red lipstick and a smile and do your best. Also thankful for the help from grandma and Friday.

Banana muffins with only a spoon full of brown sugar, fresh dates, lots of rolled oats and almond flour. Sweet and satisfying, but do they pass as sweet treats? In that case they are nutritious sweet treats. Score! Because #iquitsweettreats

Saturday 4 pm: trying my best to decode an excerpt from a Norse version of the Saga of Harald Fairhair. Keeping my spirits up with coffee, banana muffins and the thought of wine tonight.

Sunday 05:45 am: getting the most of the day. So over those before 5 am wake up calls!

A little stroll in the garden to get some fresh air, noticed that the rhubarb is ready to meet the world. A little early, isn't it?

Greek style vanilla yoghurt almost feels like a vanilla ice cream substitute now that #iquitsweettreats. Topped with sweet and crunchy cereal, it's most definitely a sweet treat - but with a little bit of nutritional value. 

the paper layers of paper writing

 - - -

Week 5: January 30 - February 5

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  1. Så herlige de dachsbamsene som Sverre holder er! Hvor har du fått tak i de?



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