Thursday, 23 February 2017

cabin weekend in February + a few thoughts

Those of you who have read this blog for a while, know that the mountain cabin holds a special place in my heart. The cabin is small, has no electricity or water supply, it takes about an hour to get there both in summer and winter, and there is hardly any cell phone connection. It's the perfect contrast to our fast-paced, logged on daily lives. Both Sølve and I love spending time there.

Unfortunately I have found myself hesitant to going there lately and I feel sad for feeling this way about this magical place. The reason is simply our kids, especially Sverre. I have worried too much about the temperature, will he accept the pulk, will he sleep well, will he manage to stay away from the wood fire, will he stay away from the steep stairway to the attic, will he have a good time or do I have to watch his every step (he is such a mamma's boy!). And to be honest, when Friday afternoon arrives I prefer the thought of my sofa rather than packing for a weekend getaway to a remote mountain cabin.

But then a Saturday morning we did it; we packed our ski gear (always a hassle when it's for the first trip of the season), drove the two hours to the mountains (Sverre napped and Sara watched cartoons - bliss!), got ourselves a snowmobile "taxi" (because we were not sure if Sara was up for the trip; she proved us wrong on the return - such proud parents and grandparents!) and was rewarded with blue skies, fresh snow and happy grandparents welcoming us at the cabin.

Sara was super excited to be back and Sverre was a happy camper too. He slept well, accepted the pulk both for napping and hanging out, stayed clear of the wood fire and the stairway. In fact it was all good - great even.

I left the door to the outhouse open during my evening errands and soaked in the tranquility, the full moon and a sky full of stars. I was reminded that being outdoors is always worth it, even though it requires an extra effort with kids. Hopefully we will return to the cabin more than once before the winter season is over.

PS: my kind of cabin life // Ylvis - The Cabin (hahaha!)


  1. Looks like a perfect time! Lots of love

  2. My goodness, those photos! Especially the first few - the sky! Beautiful. I feel the same way before many camping trips, even in the summer. My couch and my own bed are often such a temptation. So glad this trip was worth the effort.

  3. Lovely pictures from the trip to the mountain cabin. It seems to be your familys' happy place.
    Your picture with the kids is such a cute one - look at Saras raised eyebrows! :-)



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