Saturday, 28 January 2017

things I like lately

breakfast memories; Café Gitane, New York // Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

- avocado sandwich for lunch - it has been a while
- Sara asked me to teach her to say "dinosauren spiser is" (the dinosaur eats ice cream) in English
- 10 uker med middagsvariasjon
- Stephanie's 366 seconds of 2016 film
- checking things off my to do list, even the little things like changing light bulbs and cutting Sverre's finger nails (the toe nails are still on the list; it's a two-man job)
- observing the fog roll in and wrap up the surrondings in a white blanket
- watching Shark's Tale with Sara (again)
- Friday night dinner with my new colleagues
- Sølve's project of having fish for dinner every day in January (we have managed with just a few exceptions)
- it's no longer pitch dark at 5 pm
- feeling good about project #Iquitsweettreats - more about it later

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sverre has taken to waking up unreasonably early (0430-05 am...)
- dealing with the Xerox machine at work
- we had to cancel our plans of spending the weekend at the mountain cabin due to bad skiing conditions - we haven't been there since the summer holiday

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