Friday, 20 January 2017

things I like lately

The snow and proper winter temperatures from last weekend disappeared as quickly as they came. Today I read 9 degrees Celcius on the thermometer (!) and I spotted the season's first snowdrops. I need this photo to remind me that January is in fact still winter.

- going to bed before ten pm
- the moment when I feel myself falling asleep
- fresh squeezed orange juice with carrot, yellow bell pepper and ginger
- a fresh batch of Linn Sprudlesunn's kick start shot with extra ginger
- homemade pizza from the freezer
- unexpected and very delicious cake at a work meeting
- catching up with an ex-colleague at Norse lectures at the University
- booking tickets for upcoming travels
- this English grammar quiz - I got full score (as an English teacher it would be embarrassing not to get a full score...)
- 10 små endringer for litt mer hverdagsenergi
- 10 tiltak som gir tid til mer lesing
- 10 tips til gjennomføring av digital detox
- Project 333 (via the ever inspiring Listebloggen)
- Anaruh/Listebloggen altså! Du inspirerer stort!
- Sølve bought me ice cream because "you're a super mamma dealing with a kid puking all over you" (fingers crossed that the puking stops with Sverre...)
- a Friday night gin & tonic

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- poor little Sverre is down with the stomach flu - not exactly a good start to the weekend...
- a whole lot of guilt for not spending enough time with my children; sometimes cursing my priorities (full time job and part time studies plus life in general) - yet feeling thankful for the opportunity to do all this


  1. Ta det fra en som angrer tjue år for seint: du vil ikke angre om du jobber mindre og er mer med ungene me

  2. ojoj, for et kompliment her! Tusen takk for fine ord - og som du sikkert skjønner funker min digitale detox bra; jeg har ikke fått vært innom bloggen din på en stund :p



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