Monday, 16 January 2017

life, week 51

I have just one small pile of student papers left to grade and I will finish them today. Then I'm ready for Christmas. I think. Ready for days off, on the other hand, oh yes!

last lessons - check!

Morning rush hour is not very pleasant. But then this happens - a gentle helping hand from the big sister to the curious little brother - and everything is alright.

the last goodbye

Then there was a last hurrah. Now let the Christmas holidays begin!

abundance and happiness

cousins decorating the grandparents' tree

god jul // from my mum's Christmas Eve table and a curious, sneaky toddler

Curious and sneaky indeed.

made by her // written by her

Christmas Day walk in the wet woods, complete with a campfire and hotdogs.

A pink Christmas weekend period.

 - - -

Week 51: December 19-25

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  1. Capturing the daily life - like the morning routine - is such a great way of journaling. You really know how to make it a daily habit.
    Love your collection of wonderful pictures. And how cute is the curious little toddler?



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