Monday, 9 January 2017

life, week 50

And the grading continues... #thelifeofateacher #norsklærer

Christmas mood, lunch room edition. Not pictured: the grading continues. #thelifeofateacher #engelsklærer

Skriftlig apokope. Kan det være han trønderske gymlæreren som har skrevet det, mon tro? #dialektnerd (Jeg fikk det bekreftet; det er han som har skrevet det.)

under the weather // unexpected bonus hours for grading
my star // shining bright

one week left // getting close to the bottom of the grading pile

When your tenant stop by with homemade Christmas cookies to wish you a merry Christmas.

evening stars // bringing light, though not so bright

I will always pause for sunsets.

starting my day on a good note // look down

harvesting kale from the garden (still!)

sticks and shapes // noticed on my stroll around the lake

book store lover

Saturday errands in the city sentre. A rare photo of me with my little ones.

classic, part I: toddler chasing doves

classic, part II: toddler running for the water, being chased by a parent

I will also always pause for sunrises.

Activity calendar activity: making Christmas tree ornaments

Activity calendar activity: Christmas tree hunt

Christmas tree hunting is serious business, in case you didn't know.

How to make exam preparations (a tiny bit more) cozy: sit in an old armchair next to the freshly decorated Christmas tree, listen to Barch's Christmas Oratory, stomach full of steak, glass full of red wine. Right @snigaboo?

- - -

Week 50: December 12-18



  1. Picture 5: LOL!!
    Picture 14: the three of you there are just beautiful!!
    Picture 15 and 16: so, so sweet!!!

  2. Lovely to see the last weeks of 2016. And thats such a sweet picture of you and the little ones! *love*



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