Wednesday, 25 January 2017

life, week 3

both kids asleep before 7:30 pm // husband working late // catching up on photo organising and this thing called blogging // plus eating Sara's Smarties and trying to forget the fact that I should read up on my Norse studies instead

Letcture on Norse grammar done. Next up a walk in the rain and to teach nynorsk to my eight graders.

winter on the west coast // all the shades of grey

A big Friday night G&T because Sverre puked all over me - twice.

That moment when the livingroom is well lit and relatively tidy.

And then there is the moment when your toddler gets back to sleep for half an hour so you can study a little more of the history of Nordic languages.

flash on fog // misty mystery man

A Saturday evening walk in the fog was just what I needed to fight off the cabin fever.

grain galore // should have brough my big camera to capture the magic of the mist

post nap coffee date

I find unmade beds to be strangly photogenic.
- - -

Week 3: January 16-22

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