Thursday, 19 January 2017

life, week 2

Is it the weekend yet?

Candles lit on the breakfast table makes up for a rough night and the lack of sleep. Not really. But it makes the early morning a little more cosy.

Stuck in morning traffic. Such a wet and windy week. At least I have an audio book to keep my company. And it's Friday!

Friday afternoon grocery shopping slash workout session for mamma chasing the toddler who refuses to sit in the cart.

Lovliest of all the lovly light, I have missed you so!

The excitement of the first snow!

finally // first snow and sun

Because flowers make me happy. Plus these are still going strong after more than two weeks.

Når høydepunktet en lørdag ettermiddag er å finne navnet sitt i norrønordboken. // Found my name in the Norse dictionary!

Oh fleeting winter light, how much I love thee!

That winter light. Again. Can't stop, won't stop.

- - -

Week 2: January 9-15

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