Wednesday, 18 January 2017

life, week 1

A clear blue winter morning is a good start to the new year in my book.

And it was made even better with an abundant breakfast table. Plus the very best of house guests, of course.

The last glory of the 2016 Christmas tree.

bye, bye Christmas // hello little climber


Makes me smile every morning! And then I get the song stuck in my head the rest of the day...

fresh carnations in the hallway - check! // first week at the new school - check! // exhausted and ready for rest - check!

no rest for the wicked // julebordshelg i Oslo

Then there was hours of uninterrupted sleep - long passed 0530 am - and this. The wicked will be rested.

Time to hang out with the husband - sans kids, shopping at the January sales, wine for lunch, a sunset by the royal castle, dressing up to the nines, Johan Golden som konferansier, a fancy three course dinner at an even fancier hotel. The Oslo weekend was better than expected.

The perk of waiting for our delayed flight - watching nature show off.

- - -

Week 1: January 2-8



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