Monday, 30 January 2017

I quit sweet treats, update

I'm one week into the #Iquitsweettreats project and I'm feeling good about it - mostly because it feels good to be in the process of shifting a negative habit, but also because of all of you guys who said you wanted to join in on the project. Being in it together somehow makes it easier.

I'm not saying it is easy. It has been a week of daily headaches, a weird kind of lightheadedness and cravings - especially after dinner. I was so close to eating one of Sara's popsicles that I spotted in the freezer one evening. The symptoms have gotten milder towards the end of the week; I'm hoping they will be gone by the end of this second week.

I have made sure to bring a big lunch and plenty of healthy snacks to work; blueberries, apple, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. And on Friday I had cake. Because: When you are invited to a new colleague's house for dinner and cake is being offered, you accept the offer. I like being a polite guest and I like cake (a lot!). I think this is a good example of when to "allow" myself a sweet treat - because I'm not fanatic about the project. If you understand what I mean.

Here's to another week without sweet treats. Lets hope it will be easier than the first!

So, tell me, how do you feel about quitting sweet treats?


  1. I had cake on Sunday. We were invited to a friend's house for brunch – and I couldn't resist. But that's fine, I guess :)

  2. Biiiittelitt skuffa over at du også skal bli en sånn sunn blogger; elsker å lese om andre som heller ikke alltid klare leve så sunt som man alltid burde! Men kos deg med grønnsakene - og kos deg med sukker innimellom. Det er faktisk ikke gift selv om man kam få inntrykk av det noen ganger😜

  3. i exactly had same type of cravings (after dinner) but so far so good. I had reduced my sugar intake significantly about 1,5 years ago so it was not that difficult for me. I have also stopped evening/night snacking habit so i ate dinner at 6-6:30pm and nothing after dinner. It was difficult for first week :) now getting better.

  4. I didn't join - but I thought I could try to eat *less* sweets for the time now. Good idea to bring healthy snacks to work. Carrots can taste sweet, too. Yay for the first week, Astrid!



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