Monday, 23 January 2017

a last hurrah

Sunday night I posted this photo above on my Instagram (I'm halloastrid if you want to follow me) with the following caption:

Starting tomorrow I'm quitting sweet treats (again). I did it for about three months last summer and it felt great. Hoping it will last longer this time. So, who's with me? (Birthday cake is allowed; honey and jam does not count as sweet treats.)

I don't do this to diet. I do it to feel good.

I have a huge sweet thooth and close to zero self-control. I suck at doing the sweets only on Saturdays thing. For me it works better to go cold turkey. Though, as mentioned, I do allow sweet spreads like honey and jam, and all kinds of fruit, of course. And the occational piece of birthday cake or other kind of treat in extra special occations. I'm not a complete fanatic!

It's not about quitting sugar completely; it's about quitting the massive amounts of chocolate, ice cream and pastries that I manage to stuff myself with. It's about trying to keep my blood sugar level more balanced and that way trying to avoid the sugar hangover headaches, plus the grumpiness and short-temperedness that too much sugar give me.

It's about appreciating the sweet taste of cherry tomatoes, a juicy orange and (almost too) sweet dates instead of constantly longing for the next bar of chocolate or box of Mövenpick chocolate ice cream (my favorite!). It's about drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime instead of diving into the candy bowl once the kids are in bed.

I know from experience that the first days (week(s) maybe...) are the worst, both physically and mentally. I also know from experience that it is absolutely worth going through these challenges, because after a while the magic happens; my sweets cravings pretty much disappear and I start to feel more energetic. For real.

So guys, are with me? Project #Iquitsweettreats is on!


  1. men du! pass på å ikke overdrive dette foran barna! jeg hadde en mor som aldri skulle spise sukker, og det var trist å ikke kunne kose seg med kjeks sammen til ettermiddagsteen og slikt som andre gjorde, og ikke bare i bursdager. (jeg fikk lov, men det var ikke samme kosen når ikke alle i familien gjorde det) noe som igjen førte til en altfor stor bevissthet for meg selv rundt usunn og sunn mat (selv om jo egentlig alt er greit - i små mengder). bare en tanke fra meg!

    1. Takk for fornuftig innspill, Maria. Både Sølve og jeg er opptatt av å gi barna et godt forhold til mat. Alt er lov - men med måte. Vi snakker heller om hva kroppen blir glad av, i stede for å snakke om sunn/usunn mat. Dette prosjektet handler først og fremst om meg og mine (dårlige) vaner.

  2. I would but in's too much for me ;)

  3. definitely here, started yesterday :)

  4. You know I'm with you on this :) ! Yay for better food choices :) !!
    Although I should mention, I don't have this big of a sweet tooth. My true weakness is pasta - I eat loats of it ;)
    My main problem with cutting sugars will be the fact that I work in a food company, and we hav a huge catalogue of cakes, sweets, ice creams and chocolate. So my work actually consists in looking at food porn all day long. Hence the constant temptation to nibble on something sweet ;)

  5. Ohhh, I hear you... Same over here. No self-control, it seems. There is no such thing as a "piece of chocolate", a "handful of crisps" or a "small bowl of ice cream" for me as soon the little one is asleep. They come in packages and are finished in packages. So what works for me are strict rules as well. Stopped three days ago and will also give grains and dairies a miss for 30 days (that´s for other reasons but all in all it makes for a very a strict regime that works for me and gets me back on track). Like you, I know how much better I feel without the sugar related highs and lows (if I loose a pound or two on the way I won´t complain but this is not the goal I´m aiming for in the first place. Breaking bad habits AND feeling better.). I also realize that my daughter has this sweet tooth too and actually I´m not exactly setting an example. I mean I can´t possibly tell her off and binge myself through the sugary stuff as soon as she is looking away...
    Good luck, you go girl!

  6. Hei Astrid!
    I have the same problem with sweets. I think your project has fair rules for people like we, so ...I'm with you.
    Project #Iquitsweettreats is on!


  7. How is it going so far? I managed, but it was tougher than expected. 4-6 PM is the most difficult time for me. It became easier when I allowed myself to eat something more substantial than only vegetables: a bit of cheese or nuts for example.



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