Friday, 16 December 2016

things I like lately

from the 2013 archives // Agfa Precisa 100, Canon EOS 500N

- my sister gave birth to a healthy, strong baby boy last night - can't wait to meet my new darling nephew!
- a bouquet of tulips from my husband - just because
- homemade pizza for Saturday dinner - and several for the freezer
- pretty much all our Christmas cards have been sent
- this photo (at the bottom of the page) and the story behind it
- gjør oversminka dukker om til vanlige jenter (via Listebloggen)
- 10 ting som alltid blir borte
- the list of 5 - might do one myself soon
- a walk around the lake in daylight
- harvesting kale from the garden (still!) for a super nutritious green juice (my body screamed of joy to finally get some propper nutrition, there has been way too much sugar, carbs and melted cheese lately)
- watching "Karsten og Petras vidunderlige jul" with Sara
- a pink morning sky
- finally seeing the bottom of the piles of the student papers I'm grading
- the expression on the face of students that get grades that are better than they expected
- one week left until a much needed Christmas break

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- busy days; way too busy days
- being a master emotional eater - especially in times like this with too little sleep and too much to do
- I fell off the running wagon just as quickly as I got on it - must remedy that (a few motivational tips along the way)

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