Friday, 2 December 2016

things I like lately

from the 2009 archives // good morning, December

- finishing my last exam this semester!
- finally getting the hang of reading phonetics (required for dialect localisation for my Nordic languages studies)
- the (relative) luxury of days spent at the University reading room focusing only on my studies
- being outside walking during daylight
- this new marzipan product from Nidar
- the new Tangram posters from Vitviu
- The First 40 Days
- a frosty morning after several very wet days
- the green plant (I don't know what it's called) in our livingroom is really thriving - it has gotten lots of new leaves lately
- I want to do this with Sara
- been thinking a lot about this delicious peppermint bark lately - I think I need to make a batch very soon (today!), even though I'm (once again) trying to cut down on sugary sweets
- finally getting around to dropping some things of at Fretex (the Salvation Army's secondhand outlet)
- the new H&M advert directed by Wes Anderson, staring Adrien Brody (via Hjartesmil)
- seeing how excited Sara is about the activity advent calendar this year too
- looking forward to today's calendar activity: watching Arthur Christmas together - we both enjoyed it a lot last December

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- due to busy days preparing for my exam, I have spent very little time with Sara and Sverre (and Sølve too) lately


  1. Så mye fint på denne lista! Likte særlig The first forthy days - har planer om å skrive noe om temaet når jeg bare får litt tid (etter eksamen!). Hurra for overstått eksamen! Kos deg masse med helg!

  2. Gratulerer med ferdig eksamen!

  3. Takk for link til siden min - så plutselig at jeg hadde 43 klikk generert fra deg :-)



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