Wednesday, 14 December 2016

life, week 49

all the books // all the time

hei from busy december days

Pre lunch visit to my new school to meet my new students. Next up: tackle the piles of student papers to grade. #thelifeofateacher

home office status, Friday 2 pm // grading short story analysis papers - nine down, 20 to go // ps: bee-do, bee-do, bee-do

off to bed before 10 pm // not early enough 

still so dark at 9 am

all in

Oh the happiness of an unexpected good light situation. #lightismymuse

3:45 pm basement dusk

Saturday night grading made more fun with ice cream - Mövenpick chocolate ice cream of course.

My crew, Saturday morning. Sara and Sølve making eggs and bacon for breakfast, whilst Sverre found a book and simply sat down next to them to read. Bless him.

saffron buns in the making

busy town - the lined up version

- - -

Week 49: December 5-11

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  1. Love the pic of your crew in the kitchen! Sooo sweet :)



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