Monday, 5 December 2016

life, week 48

Monday afternoon, on my way to the University for an evening of exam preparation. Glad to be outside for a little while, while it's still daylight. 

thankful for days off work to prepare for my exam // thoughts from a university reading room, part II

Dialektstudier krever kraftig tradisjonskost. Det gjør også kveldsarbeid, ikke sant @marenlerang?

plus it's snowing on my piano // christmas traditions in the making

freshly chopped // oh the smell

Particularly looking forward to the Brussel sprouts - roasted, with bacon and parmesan.

morning routines made less whiny // plus Davendra Banhart

She stood outside the front door for a while, taking in the view. "It's so pretty, mamma. It looks like the light pushes away the darkness."

My body has been fuelled by caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates during last week's exam preparations. Trying to remedy the decay with a nutrition packed lunch salad of alfalfa sprouts, avocado, canned tuna (in olive oil), fresh coriander and lemon juice. Yum!

iso for dark months

Friday Fretex catch // secondhand books for Sara

all full // I hate dealing with this

When building the fort is more fun than playing in it.

Happy to frolic in the fallen leaves. Not happy about getting wet leaves stuck to his hands. Oh the life of a toddler.

- - -

Week 48: November 28 - December 4



  1. Why you won't close this blog...because your photos are very nice, because every day life in your country i looking so nice. So thank you !

  2. oohh I used to own the top two books, I remember I got the one in top left corner from my grandparents for xmas, years ago... I was obsessed with it! must have a look for it in the attic when I go back home...
    P.S. can't get enough of little Sverre's little face, never fails to make me smile :))

  3. yeah
    i think sara has a good look and will become a photographer like you
    and she is a philosopher
    you need to get her *Sofies verden* really soon
    thank you for sharing these fotos
    lg birgit
    ( plz excuse my bad english :)))

  4. Nydelige bilder av hverdagen Astrid.

    P.S. som jeg kjenner meg igjen i søppelsorteringsproblematikken....

  5. Your group of used books looks excellent! Makes me want to go to my library's book warehouse store, and look at books for my nieces & nephews.



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