Wednesday, 30 November 2016

thoughts from a university reading room, part II

A brief moment of sun yesterday; today is all about the November rain - not to be confused with this.

- getting the hang of retroflex, palatalisation and apocope; dative case, jamvekt and kløyvd infinitiv not so much
- there is still a lot that I don't have the hang of (at all), but I know I will pass this exam (too)
- Norwegian dialects are quite interesting (PS: Dialektriket)
- strawberry jam for the win
- I love those huge windows
- the grass is very green, even now in late November
- how can people go around with bare ankles in this weather?! (It won't make you chic, just cold.)
- did anyone reply to my comment about Phantom quotes on Facebook yet?
- need to check again; which of these is the retroflex one - this ɲ or ɳ?
- time to check out the nynorsk curriculum
- but first coffee!
- and chocolate
- also, need to refill my water bottle
- and find a bathroom
- I wonder what that blond girl next to me is studying
- time for that coffee

thoughts from a university reading room, part I

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