Friday, 18 November 2016

things I like lately

Speaking of cute elephants; looking down on a baby elephant whilst getting ready for an early morning elephant ride in the Kapama Game Reserve in South Africa, March 2009

- when Sverre brings a book and signals that he wants to sit on my lap and read
- a visit from my aunt and uncle
- slowly getting back to running after a two years hiatus - and it feels so good!
- a run during full moon
- sweet and juicy tomatoes
- waffles for supper (I'll share my recipe soon)
- getting fresh bread delivered - from Brødboksen - on our door step in the early morning - what's not to love?!
- en plan for mørketida
- how I became a ninja
- finding a vacant parking spot when I don't expect to find one
- oatmeal porridge made with a dash of cream
- this cute elephant print
- Jimmy Fallon, Metallica and The Roots sing "Enter Sandman"
- my work situation is close to a solution - such a relief!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- season 4 of The Blacklist - enough is enough!

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