Friday, 11 November 2016

things I like lately

end of season flora // early winter bloom

- the view of snow covered mountain in the horizon from my desk at work
- proper sub zero temperatures and pastel colored morning skies - suddenly winter is here!
- dry asphalt hence absence of slippery roads - because we still have summer tyres on our car (note to self/Sølve: get those winter tyres on asap!)
- making an effort not to wear sneakers every day
- season 3 of The Blacklist (on ViaPlay)
- a couple of recipes I would like to try: butternut squash croquettes and vegan meatballs
- these two podcast episodes with two of my all time favorite bloggers, Maria and Stephanie of 3191 Miles Apart: CraftSanity Episode 191 and Elise Joy Episode 114
- things to do now
- Sølve made roast chicken for dinner on Wednesday
- freshly made cinnamon swirl bun from the local bakery for Friday fika - before 10 am!
- plans of having tacos for dinner tonight - Sara's favorite

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the uncertainty of my job situation - the contract for my temporary position ends at New Years and there might not be need for me anymore after that
- applying for jobs
- a couple of very early mornings with Sverre
- being tired and low on energy
- my junky eating habits have lured their way back into my life

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section

Irene asked on this post: Astrid, do you currently only use the bike trailer as stroller? Does it work for you? I have to search for a new stroller for the twins, our Bugaboo Donkey is slowly but surely getting too small...

For the walk/bike ride to and from kindergarten we use the bike trailer, but we still use the big Emmaljunga (it fits in our car; the bike trailer doesn't) plus sometimes a small travel stroller. The bike trailer is great, but because of the big size, it's a hassle if I need to bring it inside a store.

- Jenny asked on this post: Hej Astrid! Would you post your recipe for the bread? It looks great. Finding it very hard to get decent bread in the UK (after rye bread in Denmark for years).

I usually bake bread using the no-knead technique which I have learn from a friend plus watching this video. I don't have a special recipe; I just put a bit of everything in the dough. That said, I tend to use about half of white wheat flour and the rest some kind of whole-wheat flour, rolled oats, nuts and seeds.


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