Monday, 28 November 2016

life, week 47

Quick evening walk to the local bakery to get pastries to celebrate the decision on which job offer to go for. Plus listening to the new episode of #mariellogsara

A pre bedtime walk (in my pyjamas) to reach my goal of 10.000 daily steps. This is what is has come to, all because of the activity watch I got from Sølve for my birthday. And I love it. 

Walking home from kindergarten in the 4:30 pm November darkness.

5 minutes dinner for hangry mamma and kids

This little one woke me up at 0515 am + nine other things on this Wednesday list

4:30 pm November darkness, part two. Office desk view reflected. 

Thankful for grandmothers who pick up the kids in kindergarten/feed them/put them to bed, so the parents can work and study late. 

Wednesday night exam studies // selskapssjokolade, palatalisering og retrofleks flap

Netflix incentivised

5 minutes with a cup of lukewarm coffee. Just what I needed after getting a very whiny Sverre to kindergarten, plus his big sister of course. Who for the record was not whiny; she was just upset about the sauce we put on her pasta for dinner last night. #momlife

Beyond excited about the new 3191 Miles Apart book! Plus curious toddler photo bomb.

Currently into: Taking a stand, on books. As you do.

Upping the 6 am #hygge factor with candles. Survival strategy numero uno when your toddler wakes you up at 0530 on a pitch dark November Saturday.

Here we go again! Saturday at the University reading room - with the best company @marenlerang

Sunday morning post breakfast reading with Sverre and Little Red Riding Hood. "Den!" (this) he said and came to sit in my lap.


Norwegian dialect localisation // slowly getting the hang of reading phonetics

And so it begins. 

- - -

Week 47: November 21-27



  1. Ah! I studied phonetics, linguistics and Scandinavian languages back in University. That pic brings back a lot of memories!

  2. Funny that you say "numero uno" while speaking English! I would say "number one" while speaking Italian!
    Also, I like your blog and I'm a journalist turned middle school teacher, too!



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