Wednesday, 16 November 2016

life, week 45

Please send more chocolate and caffeine! #upsince0445

before 7 am // choosing my battles 

kindergarten pickup smiles

I like morning light. A lot.

After a week of sub zero temperatures, there is a layer of ice on the lake - thicker than wafer thin (mint).

This stretch of the path around the lake always makes me think of Central Park in New York. Must be the big lawn and the lonely high-rise.

oh the light // a walk around the lake is always a good idea

curly // cold

Garden status on a wet and rainy November Saturday. Plus a toddler chasing a croquet ball.

volcano progress // the beginning

volcano progress // pappa was in charge of the lava  

I could get used to this; bread and croissant delivered on our doorstep. Makes for a really good morning. // Fornøyd med første leveranse fra @brodboksen

I ran! A weary activity I have not engaged in for two years. I might do it again, before two more years pass. Also I blame the activity watch Sølve got me for my birthday. Fun little gadget!

- - -

Week 45: November 7-13


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  1. Lovely pictures from daily life in November. And the Volcano is very impressive!



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