Monday, 7 November 2016

life, week 43

autumn colors, autumn light and autumn shadow - all so good

Big sister Sara went home with one of her kindergarten friends, so Sverre and I strolled home from kindergarten in the afternoon sun alone. 

A #nofilter sight from this beautiful autumn Monday afternoon that will be filed in the category "things to remember when the winter darkness is too much to bear".

For some reason tartan is very autumn to me. It might be because my one and only tartan item is a vintage wool coat. 

Still surrounded by crunchy dry leaves, now covered in a wool blanket to keep warm and cosy.

Freshly made waffles and coffee in bed at 7 am. Birthday week is on. Happy birthday my love!

Just like that they are no longer crunchy and dry.

A sweet little milestone: first time walking hand in hand to the car from kindergarten. Walking a little too quickly for his skill level, trying to catch up with his big sister.

Too eager to get the grocery shopping done; waiting for the doors to open.

so proud to be 5 // first of three days of birthday celebration 

37 is off to a good start

birthday celebration with her friends // "the day went by too quickly, mamma"

Hot dogs - the kids' birthday party staple food. Both Sølve and I remember it from our childhoods too.

After kids' birthday party, before dinner with the grandparents; walking up an appetite. 


birthday present fun // she is really into dinosaurs these days and can name a lot more than me - thanks to Dinosaur Train on Netflix

Here comes little brother trouble: he discovered how to open the drawers and found the markers. He has not yet discovered how to take off the cap though. For now...

first tunes // from us

He is just discovering the the world of Duplo. Oh the endless hours of fun to come! 

The tractor at grandma and grandpa's place is always a hit.

- - -

Week 43, the birthday week: October 24-30


  1. Astrid, do you currently only use the bike trailer as stroller? Does it work for you? I have to search for a new stroller for the twins, our Bugaboo Donkey is slowly but surely getting too small...

  2. yeah - thank you so much for sharing these great fotos of your birthday week
    lg birgit



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