Friday, 7 October 2016

things I like lately

a random find from my archives // Parma, Italy, May 2009 // Kodak Portra 160vc, Canon EOS 500N

- finished my exam in Norwegian grammar today! (next one is not until December 2)
- I (finally!) have a new blog header and a tiny layout update - thanks to Canva and Carina and her post about her blog recourses (and a moment of procrastination during my exam reading...)
- red fingernails - because it cheers me up
- handwritten study notes
- the first frost of the season
- this Vita hjertego' commercial made me smile
- outsourcing makes me a happier mum - agreed!
- 10 minner fra høsten jeg var 17
- the taste of the white carrots from our garden - so crisp and sweet
- inspired by a few of my Instagram/blog-friends I have started watching Gilmore Girls again - such a nice change from other series I have watched lately where everything seems to go straight to a not so happy place
- homemade no-knead bread (with lots of rolled oats) with philadelphia cheese, salami and cucumber + a dessert one with chocolate spread (because I needed a treat whilst studying for my exam)
- a classroom of students that are engrossed in the task I have given them (or are they all just checking Facebook and reading online newspapers?)
- blogge hver dag?!
- how one year of daily blogging changed my life
- this and this photo by Elisabeth Dunker/Fine Little Day
- I brought my blog list back (as I mentioned last week, it suddenly disappeared)
- this new to me blog: my name is yeh
- this interview with Myndi + her Instagram 

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- Sverre has had a fever all week and yesterday he got rash too - the doctor told us today it's roseola + he has conjunctivitis - my poor, poor little baby!
- I too caught a cold
- curriculum books sans index


  1. Kjempefint har det blitt her :) Og takk for shoutout!

    Hmm, jeg har prøvd meg på Gilmore Girls et par ganger, men jeg klarer bare ikke å engasjere meg. Vil så gjerne like det, men synes det er litt kjedelig..



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