Monday, 24 October 2016

life, week 41

freshly baked + autumn break 

new in // I like it, but not sure I like it here

here comes little brother trouble // the Lego table is in danger

post kindergarten play date // the scene of yet another lion king play

plum tree carpet // note to self: it's been a month since Sverre's garden party, time to remove those dead balloons 

Thursday work spot // grading student short stories // also: I decided that the rug is a keeper

Sometimes I buy beer for Sølve based on the look of the label. 

For some reason I find it deeply satisfying to stack the pantry.

mornings like this

Apparently I did it all wrong. This is Twilight, not Rainbow Dash.

The moment I look forward to the whole week: Sunday coffee in bed and uninterrupted reading time.

monochrome // autumn beach 

Sunday: first a walk on the windy beach, then first lamb shank dinner of the season

- - -

Week 41: October 10-16


  1. Ha,ha,ha I also choose wine based on the prettiness of the label, I live in Spain, so I have learned to appreciate the pelasure of drinking a glass of wine now and then, but I am not really nowhere near to being a wine expert, so my choices are based on the lable and bottle most of the times ;)Cheers Astrid! Love your blog! :)

  2. Hej Astrid! Would you post your recipe for the bread? It looks great. Finding it very hard to get decent bread in the UK (after rye bread in Denmark for years). Love your blog.



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