Monday, 10 October 2016

life, week 40

Monday 8 am // I'm an autumn light hunter

true blue // no filter needed

A little Monday afternoon pick me up whilst studying. It was too sweet for my taste, yet I devoured the whole thing in seconds.

The 8 am October light hunter strikes again.

The best kind of comfort for my sick baby.

my view at noon, October 4 // the bonus of being home with a feverish baby: he slept for a record of 2,5 hours which gave me unexpected time to study for my exam

blending in // a bit of nature on my way home from uni 

reflected // October sun in the plum tree foliage 

seeing beauty whilst standing in line

first frost of the season // so pretty

mornings like this

Thursday morning, on my way to the University library for my last day of intense studying before my exam tomorrow. Tired because of a damn cold and a rough night with a sick Sverre, but happy to be out walking this fine fall morning. Cold nose, sun in my hair, "The Book Thief" in my ears and regretting that I'm wearing sneakers instead of warmer shoes.

torsdag er komledag // brings back memories to the lunches we had whilst studying pedagogics at the Stord/Haugesund University College 

Home bound after a long day at the University reading room.

A little celebratory steak dinner. And Pimm's. Not the typical autumn steak drink, but I forgot all about it during the summer and it felt like the perfect time to make up for it.

all the autumn sun

After a whole week of being sick, he is finally on a mend - and testing new skills!

window cleaning duty

- - -

Week 40: October 3-9


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