Thursday, 6 October 2016

life, week 39

When your mother-in-law babysits your sick baby and makes the beds, folds the clean laundry and does the dishes too.

morning view from my desk at work // loving it

and then autumn arrived in all its glory

"Can I pick some flowers, mamma?"

I needed a change from the desk.

She always brings the green pillow, the bunny and her water bottle. 

Saturday - all work and no play // so happy for the company @marenlerang

Crisp afternoon air, blue skies and fading colours of the fall foliage. Hei October!

Sunday morning cuddles with a poorly baby son. 

Sunday rolled oats bread baking. Not pictured: a feverish Sverre and the very best grandparents who will take care of him and the big sister whilst their mamma spends her day at the University library desperately reading up on the Norwegian grammar for Friday's exam.

lesesalsøndag // Sunday study spot

Sunday study spot close up // syntax analysis all day 

And then this on my way home from Uni.

- - - 

Week 39: September 26 - October 2



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