Tuesday, 11 October 2016

in procrastination mode

What autumn break looked like for me when I was a high school student, about 20 (!) years ago. Hiking, sleeping under the stars (and rock shelters) and waking up in frost, singing by the campfire - happy that one of my friends strapped her guitar to her backpack for the hike. Oh happy days!

It's autumn break this week. Sølve is at work, both kids are in kindergarten and I'm home alone (bliss!) - with a bunch of high school student papers to grade (bliss ends). But currently I'm in procrastination mode... Today I have

- had lunch in the sofa whilst watching Gilmore Girls
- done laundry
- done the dishes (damn broken dishwasher!)
- browsed canva.com for invitation ideas for Sara's upcoming 5th birthday party -
- made a killer tomato soup - the key this time was lots of fresh basil plus I used Coppola brand tomatoes instead of my usual Mutti - it might have done a difference too
- made a new batch of Molly's granola #5
- rediscovered drill & design blog
- prepared posts with the film photos from the August and September rolls
- had a look at the curriculum book for my next exam
- picked up about a hundred (ok, ten maybe) stuffed animals from the living room floor

What are you up to today?

1 comment:

  1. Let's procrastinate together! Today I bought some stuff to make a birthday present - a necklace - for a friend, ate too much pasta for lunch and still feel stuffed to the brim hours after lunch, wrote a text for a client, knitted a few rows, had coffee with Himself and will be recherching some facts for another text.



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