Friday, 30 September 2016

things I like lately

The summer temperatures from the last couple of weeks have been swept away by heavy winds and pouring rain. The end of September is bringing to look a lot like autumn. // Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

- morning routine with kids
- driving to work - with my colleague or audiobook as company - after a busy morning routine with demanding kids
- Monday morning rainbow
- a perfectly ripe avocado
- 10 steps to meal prep like a boss
- 9 ways to get more energy that have nothing to do with sleep - for me the sugar thing has been a total winner. I have eaten very little sweets (chocolate, ice cream, cake, etc.) since the beginning of July and I have noticed a great change in my energy levels. *praise hands emoji*
- spaghetti bolognese (Sølve's version) for dinner - and plenty of leftovers for the next day
- lese-FOMO
- ovnsbakte betechips - yes please!
- the fact that Sverre still wants to nurse (only morning and night though) - and he doesn't bite! (Discovered this week that four new teeth have made their appearance - which brings us to a total of 16 little toddler teeth!)
- made this kickstartshot this week (it has been a while) and loving it - added a celery stalk too

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- just one week left until my exam - the exam anxiety is slowly creeping up on me
- the list of blogs that I read has suddenly disappeared from the right hand side sidebar - I wonder it if has anything to do with the announcement of the Google Feed API turndown. I have no idea what this even means - do you?
- dark mornings - and it's only the beginning - PS: darker mornings + darker mornings yet again



  1. Oi, ja, jeg har ikke lagt merke til at blogrollen er borte før nå. Den er borte på min blogg også. Leste gjennom den posten du linket til, skjønner ikke bæra jeg heller. Men antar at blogrollen brukte det de nå har fjernet, da. Det har jo vært en advarsel på dashboardet hos meg en god stund, hvor det sto at noe kom til å forsvinne/endringer trer i kraft 29. sept., men sånn som det var formulert da (husker ikke helt hva som sto, men husker jeg tenkte at det hørtes ikke så relevant eller viktig ut for meg), så tenkte jeg ikke at det ville gå ut over noe på min blogg. Jaja. Får bare leve videre i uvitenhet!

  2. I love "things I like lately"

  3. iiiik! hva skal jeg gjøre uten bloggstartsida mi?!

  4. Ooof, I really need to try to consume less sugar. It's so hard this time of year because of all the festive baked goods and just my body's desire to be stuffed with CARBS!



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