Friday, 16 September 2016

things I like lately

mid September garden party!

- Sverre turned 1 on Thursday (memory lane: introducing Sverre Johan + things I like lately - new mother version)
- his first birthday party took place in the shade under the plum tree in balmy 20-something degrees, surrounded by all four grandparents plus big sister Sara, pappa and mamma
- the weather this week has been unbelievable - up to 27 degrees Celcius and sunny - pretty uncommon in Norway this time of year
- one on one time with Sara
- Book Marks (via A Cup of Jo)
- turkey and ricotta meatballs - yum! (again via A Cup of Jo)
- sitting outside in the garden with a nightcap, watching the full moon rise
- finally getting control of the massive pile of laundry
- Sverre's love for plums

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- warm nights - I prefer a cold nose when I sleep
- a plumber has been here to repair our dishwasher - with NO success *angry face*

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section

- Ingvild asked on this post where I got my straw market bags.
I bought one in Provence and the other one in Mallorca. 

- Henny asked on this post what happened to the blogroll to the right; it seems like it doesn't update anymore.
I too noticed that the blogroll didn't update for a while. It seems to be fixed now though. I had nothing to do with it; probably a Blogspot issue. 

- Ringvold asked on this post if I can share my study tips for how to combine work and studies.
Right now I'm a terrible student; I know that my subject is called "språkstruktur" (language structure) - and that's it. For real. The exam is October 7 and I will suck. As long as I pass, I'm more than happy. But. My experience from studying pedagogics (PPU in Norwegian) whilst working was that you need a helpful, patient family. Be prepared for lots of work and little (no) spare time. 

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