Friday, 9 September 2016

things I like lately

the best figs I have ever had - straight from the tree // Cognac, France, September 2010 // Agfa Precisa 100, Canon EOS 500N

- will make this cashew pesto pasta next week
- grammar rule
- the bad cough I've had the last few weeks is finally gone
- Cold Feet is back
- rowan trees filled to the brim of orange berries
- warm September days
- a weekend visit to our friends' cabin
- Sara's excitement when she caught her first fish - she ate it too
- hanging out with girlfriends on a Saturday evening
- egg sandwich for lunch at work
- mushroom omelette with a side of avocado and cucumber for lunch at the home office
- juicy nectarines
- Sølve and I have started watching "The Get Down" on Netflix together - I like it
- 100 ting å gjøre i høst
- ordering a couple of Richard Scarry books for Sara's birthday in October - "What do people do all day?" is one of her all times favourite books
- Snart sover du - one of the most beautiful books I have seen/read

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- headaches
- finding out that my first exam is in just four weeks
- being an inexperienced teacher, especially when it comes to being the class leader
- wearing pants with the wrong fit that make my stomach hurt when I sit
- our dishwasher is still not working
- a feverish Sverre


  1. Pesto pastaen så god ut!
    Hva er ditt beste studietips for å få til og kombinere både jobb og studier?

  2. Ah, figs straight from the tree! Your photo is so beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Elskar desse listene!! Er så takksam for at du bestemte deg for å ikke slutte å blogge!
    Men du? Oppdaterer ikkje bloggane i rullen til høgre seg lengre? Eg tykjer det er så mange gode bloggar der, men finn sjeldan dei nyast oppdaterte lengre!

  4. Try to get hold of the book 'Heal Your Headache' by David Buchholz. It's a bit of an annoying read to begin with but I've followed the dietary advice of the book and have gone from bad daily headaches to one mild headache every two weeks. I have completely stopped having migraine headaches since cutting out caffeine, red wine, bananas and yoghurt. Just as well that I left Denmark before cutting out coffee! Anyway, you may find this helpful if your headaches are getting you down. P.S. Love the blog - it gives me my Scandi fix.



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