Thursday, 22 September 2016

Søndagstur: Røssdalen

Røssdalen - such a gorgeous place! And such perfect weather! So happy to finally be back in this valley and happy to see how much the kids enjoyed it too.

Søndagstur: A typical Norwegian activity involving taking a walk, seemingly purposeless, but which to a Norwegian means fitness, freedom and tradition. Søndagstur is a tur (trip, hike, walk) on Sundays, often so institutionalised in the Norwegian’s mind that it will take place in any type of weather. A variation of this is skitur, which is a tur done in winter on cross-country skis. (Spot on description found here.)



  1. We have something similar in Switzerland too - Sunday is the day dedicated to nature. Hiking or swimming in summer, skiing or sledding or skating in winter.
    My husband loves it.
    But I'm a lazy Italian and so my idea of Sunday is a long, delicious lunch and then catching a movie at the theatre :))

  2. Var der ein gong for mange, mange år sidan og hugsar enno kor fint eg syntest det var der. Og bileta dine viser at det er like fint der enno :)



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