Monday, 26 September 2016

life, week 37

After the witching hour there is peace and quiet - and this. So thankful for this. And wine.

September 13, 27 C // hardly had this type of temperature during summer

oh the endless clutter

these two // sharing Sverre's lunch box leftovers on our way home from kindergarten

pre bedtime colouring session with a side of milk

Wednesday evening mini date // walking home - hand in hand - from kindergarten parents' evening

just like that he turned 1

a very special mid September garden party

beyond excited about walking - not yet alone though

checking out the birthday gift he got from his big sister // also: a few seconds of standing without support (look at my excited expression - hahaha!)

the fox was an instant hit 

my men


bare feet, bare legs and fallen birch foliage // September contrasts 

all the horsepower // pyjamas and granddad's mc

harvest moon 

"Mamma, since Sverre can't choose his own birthday cake, can I choose for him?"

A cure for my Saturday afternoon study fail: strong coffee and leftover birthday cake. Hopefully this will keep me from falling asleep again.

Røssdalen altså! Så himla vakkert! // the most beautiful Sunday hike

- - -

Week 37: September 12-18



  1. I always enjoy these posts, Astrid! :) I would really love to meet you and your family one day.

  2. Happy birthday to you all !
    like Irene, I like to read you !



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