Tuesday, 2 August 2016

why I won't close my blog

Because this kind of blogging that I do - sharing photos of my everyday life and things I like - keeps me grounded.

I briefly mentioned in this post that I have been considering closing my blog in favour of things like handwritten journaling and annual photo book making. Thank you so much for the comments on that post and on Instagram. In addition to a summer break from blogging, your comments have made me think and reconsider - I won't close my blog.

I have written about it before; the reasons for why I share my everyday life with all of you. Those reasons are pretty much the same reasons for why I blog. As I mentioned in the beginning of that post, I wrote a daily journal for many years. For some reason I stopped this writing; instead documenting my daily life through photos unintentionally more or less took its place, especially after I got my first digital camera.

Journaling either through writing or photography has been an important part of my life for so long now, I can't and won't stop. It's a habit that I love and treasure. I really enjoy looking back and read/see what my/our life was like before - both the good things and the gloomy things. Journaling is memory keeping, chaos control and therapy.

Blogging takes time. Now that I'm a mother of two I realise how precious me-time is. And it will be even more precious in August when I start my new job and studies. Why not just use Instagram? I use it actively anyway. Because I need the order and system of things that I have created here in my space. I'm an organised girl, you know! And keeping things tidy and organised keep me sane.

I have decided to keep blogging for a while longer. I don't think the posts will be very varied; I'll continue the "life, week x" and "things I like lately" series - because these are the weekly life "reports" that I need to do for myself. I'll also share photos from my "a roll of film a month" project. When I feel extra inspired I might share a recipe, a weekly dinner menu, a flashback or a photo an hour.

So, nothing very exciting happening over here (after all). Please follow along, if you want to - I appreciate the company!


  1. Så glad for å lese dette, Astrid!
    Liker bloggen din så godt!


  2. I'm so glad to read this. I've been reading your blog for many many years and I still love it! It's one of my favorites. Thank you for blogging!


  3. Så kjekt å lese! Er ikkje så god på å kommentere alltid, men har følgt med her ei stund og liker når det kjem nye innlegg :) Kjenner meg også igjen i det du skriv om at du organiserer kvardagen og lett kan sjå tilbake på kva du gjorde førre månad eller førre år her på bloggen. Gleder meg til å følge med vidare ^^

  4. Ah, so glad to read that! Looking at your photos and the way you capture the light and details is so inspiring. :-)

  5. Godt å høre at du fortsetter å blogge! Gode nyheter ^^ Gleder meg til å følge med videre :)

  6. Blogging is a lot of work but so is being a mother. :) I love your blog and have been following it for years, so I am glad to read that you will continue for a little longer. I look forward to reading your next post!

  7. Hola Astrid!
    Siento escribir en español,pero mi ingles no es muy bueno...
    Solo quería decirte que para mi eres inspiración diaria!!!
    Te he echado de menos durante este mes,me alegro de que vuelvas a escribir.

  8. I've been enjoying your blog for years. I love the insight that you offer into Norwegian life. (I love Norway). I find some similarities with our life in Canada. Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. Glad you will be continuing your blog.

  9. yeah that´s good news! thank you!

  10. Vivaaa!!!! Happy to have you around for longer!
    Gracias, Astrid!

  11. PD: congrats on your new job and studies and be aware that everyday life is exciting enough to keep your readers hooked on you blog! :)

  12. Så bra, Astrid. Kloke tanker om blogging og veldig glad for konklusjonen.

  13. Best news today!

    I'm so happy that you will continue blogging. ♡

    Lovely August to you and your beautiful family!


  14. i'm very glad to read this post
    thank you for sharing these parts of your everydaylife
    all my best wishes

  15. "Happy! Happy! Happy! I'm so Happy!"

  16. Yeeeh!
    I love that place and I am so happy for your decision, Astrid!

  17. I am so glad you have decided to keep your blog. It's so nice to see a life that is so similar and yet so different from one's own!

  18. I love your blog - so glad you are keeping it going.

  19. So good to hear you will continue the blog! *jumping with happiness*

  20. Liker tankene dine godt, og jeg tror du vil sette stor pris på bloggingen om noen år :D

  21. So glad you're keeping your blog! Best regards from Brasil! :)))

  22. Hei, Astrid!

    I'm so glad you are still here!
    Your blog is a link to a self that was before motherhood.
    And once in a while when I get a chance, I check in and see how you are doing. I found your blog a very long time ago before I became a mother, when I was single. And now I am a mother of 3! So, I am so glad that you still keep blogging.



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