Friday, 26 August 2016

things I like lately

a little trip down memory lane: exactly two years ago we said good bye to this space - yes, I still miss it a little

- omelette with ham and cheese for lunch on Friday - my weekly home office/study day
- 10 pm bedtime all week
- the morning routine of making lunch boxes for Sara, Sverre and me
- restaurant etiquette 101
- the soundscape of her childhood
- the first week of both me and Sølve working plus both Sara and Sverre in kindergarten has been more smooth than expected
- getting text messages and photos from kindergarten with updates on how Sverre is doing - some tears but mostly he is doing fine
- 41 things to do before I turn 42 - especially the part about shooting a roll of film a month!
- Love Taza's Switzerland video
- our tomatoes are ripening
- being told that I look younger than my soon 37 years
- Sverre hugging Sara's stuffed animals
- dinner in the shade of the plum tree last Friday - today it is pouring down and it feels a bit like autumn
- chamomile tea and candles every evening

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- still haven't gotten rid of that bad cough (time to see a doctor maybe?)
- Sara has started coughing too
- headaches, every day
- a repair guy came to see our dishwasher today (it's been broken for over a week) but he could't fix it because he needs new parts for it #angryface

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section:

- Irene asked if I can share my waffle recipe. Of course I can. Soon!

- Irene also asked, on this post: Astrid, how did you manage not to eat sweets for one whole month?! I ate way too much of it during my maternity leave - the habit of rewarding myself with a goodie during baby nap time got a bit our of hand - so I needed to do something. I figured the summer holiday was the perfect timing; away from my daily routines, keeping busy with friends and family. And it worked! It has now been almost two months (pretty much) without sweets, ice cream, salty snacks. My craving are gone and it feels amazing! And of course I love the bonus that my jeans are no longer too tight.

- Jill asked if I have any special tricks to edit my iPhone photos. I use the VSCO Cam app and LOVE it!

- Nikki asked on this post: How did Sverre like the sandy beach? And is that a little LEGO Bergen? He liked it a lot. And apparently he loves the sandbox in kindergarten. Yes! LEGO Bergen. Pretty cool, eh?!


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