Friday, 12 August 2016

things I like lately

grain fields surrounding our summer house in Denmark // Kodak Ultramar 400, Minolta SRT 101

- Sverre has finally started crawling!
- starting my new job this week
- discovering that my old friend K - who I went to junior high with plus studied English with - is one of my new colleagues
- preordering the new 3191 Miles Apart book
- found the journals I've been (almost desperately) searching for! Such a relief!
- slowly getting back to (handwritten) journaling (I've been doing it on/off since I got my first journal as a birthday present in 1988 - for almost 30 years!)
- slowly getting into the routine of reading in bed before I go to sleep
- our neighbour's roses - especially the ones sneaking into our yard
- apple cut in wedges
- rainbow weather
- having three films developed (the June and July films of my "a roll of film a month" project
- listening to audiobooks via Storytel
- seeing how much Sara LOVES having out with her cousins
- eating wild blueberries during a very wet hike at Voss
- seeing how much Sverre loves tomatoes, sweet cherries and green juice (!)
- observing how Sverre eagerly eats his liver pâté sandwiches - by himself. He needs to learn not to put too much in his mouth at once though.
- getting back to everyday life after the summer holiday
- new book shelves in the living room
- mowing the lawn with Sverre sleeping in the Ergo carrier on my back
- the first kale harvest and baby pumpkins
- a fresh batch of Molly's granola #5
- my cousin's wedding in Trondheim
- traveling by train, bus and airplane alone to said wedding - I really needed a break from being a mamma
- sitting amongst tourists on the train from Voss to Bergen, listening to their foreign languages - it made me feel like being in a different country
- cloud watching from the airplane window
- a month without sweets and my cravings are pretty much gone - it feels SO, SO good!
- finally writing a "things I like lately" post after a two months break

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- too little sleep the last few nights due to nighttime coughing and Sverre waking up too early
- a temperature of 5,6 degrees celcius one of the mornings this week - hello! August is still summer, right?!


  1. Astrid, how did you manage not to eat sweets for one whole months?! That's great!

  2. i made another batch of granola #5 this morning
    and i think if you like this you will although like the savoury granola from greenkitchen stories and their version of dukkah and
    all my best wishes for your new job
    have a nice sunday
    lg birgit



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