Monday, 8 August 2016

things I like lately - Denmark edition

our home for two weeks

- the fun (and chaos) of being a group of 13 (six adults and seven kids) in one house
- the location of our summer house - in the middle of grain fields with a view of the sea
- the idyll of the Danish countryside
- wildflowers
- details of our summer house: terracotta tiled floors, deep window sills, art on the walls, PH-lamps, the yellow painted brick exterior, the huge maple trees surrounding the house
- the indoor pool - perfect for the rainy weather and SO much fun for the kids
- Legoland - the kids had a blast and the adults were mighty impressed by all the Lego constructions
- Aalborg Zoo - Sara was so happy to see the tiger (her favourite animal together with lions and leopard) and the adults loved how pretty the zoo is
- grocery shopping - I love browsing grocery stores abroad
- how well Sverre deals with hours of driving (Sara is no problem - she is totally engrossed in films on the iPad)
- the whole family (well, except Sverre) loves treasure hunting at the beach - stones, shells, fossils, amber
- my super sexy swimming shoes (ha!) - makes it so much easier to tackle pebbles, shells and other unpleasant sea stuff which I'm no fan of
- our beach tent - perfect spot for hanging out with Sverre
- morning fog lifting from the grain field

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the weather: too much rain, too little sun
- mosquito bites
- flies, so many flies in the house
- sand and the way it coats everything after a day at the beach


  1. Ha, we stayed a few times in different holidayhouses in Denmark and they ALL had PH-lamps hanging in the house. It must be a national treasure for the danish people. :-)

  2. Hello Astrid!

    Family, friends,Denmark, beautiful summer house with indoor pool, beach, nature, Legoland, super sexy swimming shoes ...
    what else can we ask!??!!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous shot!
    I'm totally with you about the swimming shoes: bad childhood memories of weever stings I guess! Now, legoland, on the other hand, that was a good memory :-)



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