Monday, 29 August 2016

life, week 32

Now that I'm starting work again (in two days!), I won't be able to meet these little ones - and their wonderful mamas - as often as before. I will miss them all.

rainy morning kale inspection with a side of pumpkin // We are totally newbies to this: how do you harvest kale? Pull up the whole stem? Just pick the leaves? In that case, which leaves to start with - the old ones at the bottom or the fresh, new ones at the top? Can we eat the leaves that have had visitors, if you know what I mean?

August 10, 7 am, 10 C // the first cup of the last day of my maternity leave

Feet in the air. His preferred way of sleeping in the pram.

first little kale harvest // so pleased with her new pyjamas (and the dinosaur socks)

first day // new job

dressing up a little bit for work, now that my maternity leave days are over

this Saturday morning idyll lasted for two whole minutes #momlife

Both my in-laws turn 70 this year. It has been properly celebrated. Several times. As you do when you turn 70. 

Sunday 8:30 pm

- - -

Week 32: August 8-14

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