Thursday, 18 August 2016

life, week 31

happy to be united after a weekend apart // I really needed the break tough 

I love seeing how Sara's drawing skills develop.

I love hearing how excited he gets when he sees cats - both in books and real life.

His favorite amongst the books at Åsly: the little English one about growing pumpkins. Bonus: there are cats in it!

a souvenir from Trondheim // such pretty ceramics from Danish Studio Arhjo

Slooowly getting back to work mode while my oldest niece is out for Sverre's nap time pram walk (he slept for a record of nearly three hours!!).

family hike // finally a day (mostly) without rain

summer snow is fun 

zigzag mountain roads

Who needs toys when there's a kitchen full of fun stuff?!

being brave

had fun with ropes and heights today // luckily we were closer to the ground than to the treetops

sharing his treasures with grandma 

baby dinner time

two seconds later

No time for photos when her cousins are ahead of her up the path.

family selfie // from the oh so rainy Friday hike

øsende regn, pøsende regn 

lunch time shelter from the pouring rain

home bound 

summer traffic on narrow Norwegian fjord roads

dappled light love

tomato babies!

She asked if they could play outside together. I happily accepted.


He is finally able to explore the house by himself. Yay for crawling!

Good times!

- - -

Week 31: August 1-7

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