Wednesday, 17 August 2016

life, week 30

10 am nap time pram walk cloud watching

2:30 pm nap time pram walk flower watching 

While Sverre is napping and Sølve is painting the garage, we hang out at this new to us playground. Then there will be...


We still have one and a half week left of our summer holiday, yet I find myself wanting to fast forward to autumn. August will be super busy with me starting my new teaching job and studies (again, this time the Norwegian language and literature) plus Sverre starting kindergarten. There will be lots of adjusting to the routines (and most likely chaos) of our new everyday life. I dread it yet I look forward to it, especially the part where I get to be more Astrid, not just mamma-Astrid. Until then I'll force myself to enjoy the calm before the storm.

Voss bound

Hardanger kjærleik 

Norwegian summer // oh the drama

good morning from Voss

Trondheim bound - all by myself

dressed to the nines before 10 am

all the love // and rain

happy, happy wedding sisters

beautiful wedding // beautiful location 

10 pm wedding view

cookie monster // I never manage to limit myself at cake buffets and I always end up feeling sick - will I ever learn?

playing tourist with my parents // never tire of this beauty 

post wedding lunch: lukewarm pâté served with bacon, mushrooms, leek, pickled beets and rye bread  at Baklandet Skydsstation - so, so good!

- followed by coffee and cake at Soil

Bakklandet - a must whenever I'm in Trondheim 

- - -

Week 30: July 25-31


  1. Astrid, would you share your waffle recipe? I'm searching for one without sugar, so that my 10 months old twins can eat them too...

  2. Hello Astrid!

    Week 30 was a GREAT week.
    Such a beautiful photos.
    Thank you for sharing.



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