Tuesday, 16 August 2016

life, week 29

We waved goodbye to Denmark // Denmark photos galore: two weeks in Denmark

Sunday 8 am // home

Introduced Sara to my childhood swim spot today. She did not like the pebbles, but otherwise it was all good.

Last summer we painted the house, this summer the garage is on the top of the house maintenance list. Next on the list is to build a wood and garden tools shed. 

Sunday 10:40 pm // frozen pizza (with extra ham, cheese and oregano), Ravens Wood Zinfandel (yum!) and audiobook (Hundreåringen som klatret ut av vinduet og forsvant - anbefales!)

- - -

Week 29: July18-24


  1. These are summer memories that last!

  2. Hello Astrid!

    Hardworking husband = happy wife !!!!
    Your garden looks so beautiful!




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