Sunday, 14 August 2016

life, week 27

cousins and best friends - headed to the mountain cabin together for the first time 

Supper: freshly caught mountain trout pan fried in butter with salt and pepper

Tuesday 6:10 am // mountain cabin version

my coffee making view and trusty alarm clock 

Stuck with a sleeping baby recovering from last night's fever. Going through the things that have to be done before we leave for Denmark on Friday: harvest rhubarb, strawberries and radishes from the garden • clean out the fridge + make the most of what is left in there • get a new car seat for Sara • clean Sverre's car seat after the little coughing/vomiting accident on our way home from the mountain cabin yesterday • tackle mount laundry • find out whether or not we need to bring sheets and towels to the summer house in Denmark • mow the lawn • bring home all of Sara's clothes from kindergarten • mentally prepare for my "only eat sweet treats if they are offered to me" project starting tomorrow • post "life, week 26" on the blog before taking a summer holiday from my little corner of the Internet



unfortunately it was half eaten on the other side 

I think we might have harvested the radishes too late. They were not as good as expected. 

rhubarb compote made with freshly harvested rhubarb from our garden - yum!

Here comes trouble! And a need for more baby proofing.

these two

roadtrip snack 

summer holiday bound 

8 am nap time view // Denmark bound

So excited to see the sea!

- - -

Week 27: July 4-10


  1. Lovely collection of pictures! The first one melts my heart...

  2. Hello Astrid!

    I feel the same as Julia!




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