Wednesday, 6 July 2016

life, week 26

unlimited iPad access // the perk of being poorly

She was recovering from a fever the day before, so she didn't go to kindergarten. She stayed in her pyjamas all day and made the stairs her new playground - both for building lego...

... and watching (more) cartoons on Netflix. 

Sverre keeps me company whilst I empty/load the dishwasher and make breakfast porridge for both of us. I like our morning routine.

nap time pram walk greens // hanging out with my little ones and their grandma whilst the car is at the garage

Found the journals I've been (almost desperately) looking for. Such a relief! Slowly getting back to (handwritten) journaling lately. And kind of thinking of closing my blog...

He is such a mama's boy these days. Sometimes it makes me crazy. This too shall pass...

We promised her a reward after a whole month of behaving well at bedtime. She talked about My Little Pony the whole month (just like the one her friend in kindergarten has), but then she chose this and made her pappa proud. 

Oops I did it again! Came in for a curtain rod and left with a bag full of things that we apparently need. Oh IKEA!

The worn out panda had a blast with her cousins who came for an unexpected visit. 

Saturday 11 pm. The big question is: should I have a third glass of wine (first time since New Years 2014/2015 when I got pregnant with Sverre) even though I'll most likely be woken up at 5:30 am tomorrow?

starting our Sunday right // dusting of the juicer - made a big batch of green juice too

Sunday stroll in my parents' back yard. It was also Sverre's child carrier debut. He screamed the whole time. Hopefully he will learn to love it like his sister did. 

so focused // first wild blueberries of the season

post beach hotel dinner buffet

- - -

Week 26: June 27 - July 3


  1. I'd really miss it, if you closed your blog... So keeping my fingers crossed. I especially love the "Life, week..." series and wait for it every week.

  2. Jeg ville også savna bloggen din masse om du la den ned! Har stukket innom jevnlig i mange år, men er ikke så flink til å kommentere. Er så glad i måten du fanger hverdag, detaljer, øyeblikk og lys på.

  3. Lovely collection again. I would love to have a pj with red-white tripes like Sara has - well, but in my size.

  4. oooh makes me sad to read about you closing your blog
    because it is one of these blogs i have a first look everyday
    because i follow you for years
    long before you got pregnant the first time
    and i miss hannes blog
    because i follwed her in the same times
    lg birgit

  5. Helt enig - hadde savnet bloggen masse! Har fulgt den gjennom flere år nå. Men å skrive for hånd er selvsagt varig for eks egen del- takk for alt du deler! Hverdagsliv er gull! Hilsen Ida

  6. Good morning Astrid!
    PLEASE, don't close your blog.
    Your humor, photos, way of living and family, bring a lot of smiles, beauty, common sense and happiness to the world around you.
    Thank you, SO MUCH, for sharing.
    Have a nice vacations, full of fun and relax.
    Hugs from Algarve-Portugal.

  7. Enig med de andre her - jeg holder sådan af at læse din blog. Den, og du, er sådan en inspiration.
    Glad og god sommer til dig,

    Klem Maria.

  8. Hei Astrid!

    I've read your lovely blog for years but haven't left a comment before.. But now I had to! I, like many others will miss your writings and photos terribly if you choose to close your blog. Of course your readers will respect your choice, what ever it will be. I just wanted to tell you that your blog has been (and probably will always be) my favorite one. Tusen takk!

    Love from Finland,

  9. I would certainly miss your blog! I'm an American mother with a 19 month old and another on the way and I love seeing the similarities and differences in our lives, as well as your amazing photography :)

  10. OH DEAR ASTRID NO! Please please don't close down your blog! I am a researcher and I spend so much time working in all those places around the world; Colombia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Burundi, difficult places, and whenever I have internet access I ALWAYS come here for a glimpse of your life: so lovely, so rich, yet simple, a life I hope to have myself one day...


    I've been following your blog for years as well and feel exactly the same way about it as your other readers.

    There are a lot of wonderful blogs/instagrams/etc out there, but your blog is somehow special amongst them. It's so authentic, for the lack of a better a word. So personal and real and honest. So thoughtful and insightful. And incredibly INCREDIBLY cozy (again, for the lack of a better word, but it's true).

    Your life has become a source of so much inspiration and meaning for the people here. Your blog has been making a difference in your readers' lives. And I really hope you continue to share your world with us.

  12. Dear Astrid,
    I came across your blog through Lorena Arance's one, like 2 years ago. I had never commented on yours but I follow you since then. All I can tell you is that I love it! It's so relaxing and cheering having a look at your pics and stories (short or long)any moment during work. I am a researcher and recent mum, and in between serious scientific readings, i really enjoy the fantastic view of the really important and serious issues of life: those of everyday moments :) and even do more so now that I'm a mom who faces the same/ similar joys, difficulties and challenges that motherhood brings. I think the best thing of your blog is that it looks and feels transparent, honest and very authentic. on behalf of all the anonymous followers that you have, `pls reconsider the thought of closing your blog for good.
    with lots of affection and admiration



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