Wednesday, 29 June 2016

life, week 25

zzz // can't remember the last time it happened

Monday 4:05 pm • in the car outside Sara's kindergarten • massive rainshower • Sverre is sleeping • #momlife

evening walk // just me - just what I needed

not quite appropriate footwear 

A field of wildflowers in the sunset - SO happy to see this! Just wished I had my film camera to capture it properly.  

8 am kale inspection 

They are so, so good now!

fuel for the flight 


7:30 am nap time pram walk Arctic north version #astridspramwalkdiaries

Thank you sister @marihagen for taking us to this beautiful place! // beach time - Arctic north version

- - -

Week 25: June 20-26


  1. Liker de ukentlige postene.
    En fin og lur måte å oppsummere på. <3

  2. I am still wondering how to read Sverre? :)



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