Thursday, 16 June 2016

life, week 23

The light drizzle decorated all the spiderwebs with tiny water diamonds. A pretty sight on my 0640 am nap time pram walk. #upsince5am

I hurried passed, but noticed the little buds from the corner of my eye, so I returned to take in the understated beauty. 

Tuesday kindergarten bbq party

They frolicked for a good while, even though the water was rather cold. She was so proud to show the pool to her kindergarten friend. 


Friday! And other things I like lately - especially the part where I got a job

but first coffee // always during baby nap time 

He has just started exploring with his finger like this. So sweet!

Saturday furniture browsing // dream sofa

sunny Sunday vitamin C

baby nap time time out // hekta #skam


- - -

Week 23: June 6-12

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