Thursday, 9 June 2016

life, week 22

summer rain made prettier with summer flowers

He took a 1,5 hour nap instead of the usual 30 minutes - which gave me a whole hour of a much needed, unexpected nap. #upsince5am

Morning good bye ritual in kindergarten: wave and make faces through the window. Sverre is in the Ergo carrier - super excited to see his sister.

second // in the clouds 

nap time lake walk, summer edition

kissing/eating his reflection - the cutest thing! 

18 years anniversary, Sølve style // he's a keeper for sure

a 6:15 am good morning to you // also, hei June

that phase

What?! You haven't heard of under chair hockey? 

mamma snack // baby snack 

thunderstorm day 

because there is light on gloomy days too // and in gloomy minds

early birds catches the 5 am sun // good morning, peeps

Stå med begge føttene på bakken. Hold balansen. Plasser en ball på hodet.

Friday 6 pm, 27c and a promise of ice cream for supper

GT al fresco 

Saturday 0530 am // at least there is sun

to the beach // oh summer


One of the best things about being back in the Stavanger region - the beautiful beaches. And the cold waters...

Finally this is happening again! Bubbly in the sun with my girl M whilst the husbands cook dinner and the kids (all five of them) are asleep. 

Eating ice cream in their pyjamas, impatiently waiting for the pool to get a little less ice cold. The things you do when best friends sleep over.

oh summer

lunch in the shade of the plum tree // first of the season 

- - - 

Week 22: May 20 - June 5

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