Friday, 6 May 2016

things I like lately

from the April film of the a roll of film a month project // Kodak Gold 200, Minolta SRT 101

- the fact that it is not yet completely dark at 10 pm
- Sverre has started to see the fun in peekaboo games
- a long weekend at Voss with family - it included the last skiing trip of the season and a celebration of my mother-in-law who recently turned 70
- seeing how much fun Sara had playing with her cousins again (they have been in Australia for six months)
- a pit stop at Dale for fika and play on our way home from Voss
- we have started sleep training and quit nighttime breastfeeding for Sverre, and so far it is going so much better than we could have dreamed of - it is a total game changer! (Fingers crossed that "this too shall pass" will not happen in a long time...)
- evenings are so much more pleasant now that I don't spend forever putting Sverre to bed (I use(d) to nurse him to sleep)
- the weather today has been absolutely gorgeous - and 19 degrees Celsius! Just two weeks ago we had snow. I love the weather contrasts in the transition from one season to the next.
- Molly's granola no 5 (with Greek yoghurt and honey) - I'm totally hooked
- chocolate - because of course
- I have an appointment at the hairdresser tomorrow - looking forward to have my hair trimmed plus a little bit of me time

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- duvets that are too short (I'm 181 cm tall; I need long duvets)

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