Monday, 30 May 2016

life, week 21

Getting ready for teddy doctor day in kindergarten. Poor lion broke his tail.

traces of my rock collector 



the summer weather is back

off to the Salvation Army's second hand outlet // thought on wardrobe clean outs

I want to make my own lunch box today, mamma // sometimes so independent, other times the complete opposite


When you walk the baby around in the pram forever and he finally falls asleep only to wake up after five minutes. At least he was happy to watch the world pass by on our way home from kindergarten.

underneath the table car race 

I love that our neighbour's clematis climbs over to our side of the fence

before 10 pm bedtime // I aim for this pretty much ever night - and I fail pretty much every night

Friday morning furniture rearranging 

old school Figgjo 

Because I found myself at the @figgjo_norway factory outlet and how could I resist the beautiful design of this #figgjo_oslo cup?

A moment of pure bliss. Not pictured: the season's first Norwegian strawberries and two sleeping sweethearts. Happy Friday friends!

other people's gardens // seen on the 7:30 am nap time pram walk

søndagstur // Sunday stroll

- - -

Week 21: May 23-29

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  1. Oh, that little cup is awesome! And I wish my clematis would have such many flowers like your neibours clematis.



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