Wednesday, 18 May 2016

life, week 19

current state of the tulip bed 

I found that the best way to keep him happy during those unexpected very hot days, was to stay indoors with all doors and windows open, wearing only a diaper. 

I like our plum tree very much right now. 

summer baby nap time 

We are big fans of al fresco dinners. Even when Sara spills on her tights. 

I'm so glad we made this big terrance. It's a favorite spot indeed. 

Our house is in desperate need of a proper cleaning, but it's not happening in this weather. Sudden summer in early May for the win!

Monday 9:15 pm

7:30 am, 15 C, sun and blue skies // hørte akkurat på radioen at målingene kl 05 ga 13 C i Stavanger og -6 C på Røros - kontraster gitt!

entroute to kindergarten 

and a little scenic detour on my way home 

because I like nature

and I have a soft spot for blooming trees

because what's not to love?

blossoms and blue skies


had the cutest little visitors today 

8:30 pm bedtime // The weather forecast says it will be 10 c tomorrow, yesterday it was 25 c. To balance it out my temperature is rising - first fever in I don't know since.

rehydrating // stupid fever

I love that she likes to pick flowers.

We have entered a new phase: Sara having friends over. I like to listen to their play, but I find it hard to know when to intervene and when to just let them figure things out by themselves. 

caffeinating, with a side of chocolate // best way to wake up after a long morning nap - because Sverre wanted to start his 8 months birthday at 5 am

We just switched from the newborn seat to the baby seat on the Tripp Trapp. Apparently this opens up a whole new world of games, for example the classic drop things on the floor game.

- - -

Week 19: May 9-15

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